Optimize your Tax obligations

Tax plan on your your personal or
company earnings.

Start saving on tax based on your income from anywhere in the world, with no need to live permanently in the country.

Minimize your income tax on your worldwide earnings

No need for a permanent presence in the country

50% tax exemption on remunerations arising from first employment in Cyprus

Multiple Tax deductions and exemptions on income

Cyprus Tax Resident

Why become a Cyprus Tax Resident?

The Cyprus tax residency offers individuals the opportunity to enjoy Cyprus Income tax benefits on their global income without the requirement to permanently reside in the country.

Cyprus Tax Residency is a popular choice among professionals, entrepreneurs, CEOs, self- employed professionals, and artists who can work from anywhere in the world.

By becoming Tax Residents of Cyprus, individuals can leverage the country’s favorable tax regime to minimize tax
liabilities on their global income.

Some of the most important advantages

Transactions with Titles (shares, securities, repos etc) are exempt from taxation

No capital gains tax applicable for the sale of immovable property located outside of Cyprus

No tax is applied on dividends and interest from fixed deposit accounts

No gift tax is applicable

No inheritance tax or wealth tax is applied


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